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“Architecture is the moment when creative liberation takes place in the real world for a better humanity.”

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Natasa graduated from an advanced program in ARCHITECTURE
 in 2011, after earning a scholarship to complete this academic path. She has since passed further professional exams and become a LICENSED ARCHITECT IN ITALY. Having worked within various industry leaders in the past, such as FUKSAS STUDIO in Rome, and LOT-EK and HANDEL ARCHITECTS in New York City, Natasa has developed into a VISIONARY with expertise in RESIDENTIAL ARCHITECTURE. In her career years, she has handled several interior design projects, designing spaces and an extensive collection of CUSTOM PIECES for her clients. Her style is deeply influenced by her time living in TUSCANY. Being surrounded by MEDIEVAL ARCHITECTURAL MARVELS, landmarks, and monuments, she developed a strong visual and creative foundation, a sense of beauty based on the primary regularity of composite parts, while staying authentic to her path and craft. Since moving to NEW YORK, her aesthetic has incorporated elements of modernity inspired by the scale and buildings of the city. She combined HER VISION into functional concepts with a sophisticated AESTHETIC APPROACH, rich with textures, vibrant colors and chromatic works, all providing visual narratives that result in her spaces being distinct, while never being too pretentious or serious. Natasa is a vivid creative-space teller with a PASSION FOR BUILDING AND CREATING, being always ready for new challenges in the city and around the world.


She is the founder of the NATASA TUOHY STUDIO, where she brings a keen sense of style and understanding of ARCHITECTURE and is always looking for a natural fusion of multiple disciplines within her projects. She works with a DESIGN TEAM that consists of talented collaborators, including architects, designers, craftsmen, and artists. The firm’s vision is centered around the relationship between homes and interiors and personalizes these SPACES using smart layouts, fine materials, and objects as a key tool in the creative process. THE STUDIO was founded in Greenpoint, Brooklyn and continues to grow and push the boundaries of project scale and form with its expansion into great architectural projects, authentic furniture and custom materials production.

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