Natasa Tuohy STUDIO


Florence, Italy

This authentic series consists of three independent items:
LOW DINING TABLE “Tavolo RB” with a legless chair’s
w/pillow [8], and a set of candle holders [2].
Measures: 18 ½ x 36 x 36 inches.

This piece was commissioned by the private client in FLORENCE,
who had requested a low seating dining arrangement for his home, a table which would accommodate 8 invitees, piece of furniture made of modern elements: WOOD, GEMSTONE, AND METAL.
These furniture pieces are purposely designed, having philosophical cosmogony influence, creating an intriguing atmosphere as an indirect message to the present audience, where a variety of lifestyles coexisted.
The concept has begun displaying lexicon of uncommon details and imagery, a piece of the universe, where initials of the client’s name RB have been used symbolically as the center of the SOLAR SYSTEM, representing him also as deity or creator with the planets revolving around him.
A low dining table itself has a solid texture and straight-line beauty, an elegant and classic rectangular form, with the idea of low sitting on the floor which makes people more intimate and causal during the evening event. It is made of solid walnut in original finish, while metal ornament at the corners took decorative form over the joinery transition of the walnut table base.

Highly polished stones set in a marble matrix were assembled using the INTARSIA METHOD, an old technic developed in Florence. Each piece is precisely cut on a special scroll saw so that they all will fit together properly.
Components are then welded together in total clarity, using a special gluing technique, creating a very precious piece of FURNITURE JEWEL. Having rare and often vibrantly colorful, gemstones are associated with an array of powers and uses, known as a STONE OF VIRTUE.
The pieces beautifully interact with light, changing completely according to how the light source shines on the surfaces. The collection also includes a set of 8 low seats, made of the same wood with dark blue canvas-covered cushioning.

Stone scheme legend:
Mercury | White Marble
Venus | Giallo Siena
Earth | Azurite Malachite
Mars | Red Marble Onyx
Jupiter | Baltic Amber Jupiter
Saturn | Queensland Boulder Opal
Uranus | Aventurine Quartz
Neptun | Lapis Lazu

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